How to Hire Top Talent with an Exceptional Recruiting Brand

exceptional recruiting brandThere is an interdependent network of components reacting with one another that establishes your company’s recruiting brand . This determines how your business is perceived by current employees and potential recruits alike. Building this identity in a positive way requires proactive efforts on several fronts that eventually come together as the collective personality of your business as an employer. These building blocks include your digital presence, online engagement, employee involvement, internal resources and general public relations.

The Power of Perception

An up-to-date digital presence and a compelling career site are essential […]

How to Simplify Working With External Recruitment Agency Partners

external recruitment agency partnersAs a growing business, you may have already worked with certain recruiting agency partners in bringing new talent on board. When you partner with agencies to help onboard new employees, you are looking to leverage their expertise, screening skills as well as networks to sample a wider pool of both active and passive applicants. In addition, you may have relationships with certain recruiting agencies or external recruiters where you prefer to have them work with you as full-time or part-time consultants, instead of hiring them as permanent staff in your HR […]

Candidate Sourcing Tips: 10 Ways to Find Top Talent

top 10 candidate sourcing tipsHiring and retaining top talent is as tough as it’s always been. Cultivating a company culture that attracts top talent is a practice the top 10 percent of US companies have in common and certainly one of the top candidate sourcing tips to keep in mind. Consider Southwest Airlines, which has recently received more than 50,000 applications for 500 available positions.

Unfortunately, small businesses do not have much luck with traditional recruiting, thus they are required to use other recruitment means, such as trusted networks […]

Candidate Rejection Emails: How To Get Them Right

job rejection emailsTaking the time to compose and send rejection emails to job candidates is a sound business practice for hiring managers. A timely, personalized letter allows you to extend professional courtesy while building goodwill and vetting candidates for future positions. Establishing this as an integral part of the hiring process can actually make future hiring easier and more efficient by keeping qualified candidates in the loop while discouraging re-application from unqualified job seekers.

A Matter of Respect

Although no one likes rejection, the uncertainty of not knowing if you got the job […]

7 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiting Teams

7 habits highly effective recruiting teamsTo be successful at recruiting new talent, your recruiting team must do more than simply collect candidate profiles or resumes for the positions in question. Here, recruiting success is not necessarily a measure of the volume of candidates obtained. Rather, successful recruiting teams are able to utilize the most effective methods that help them quickly narrow their search to a selection of potential hires and then identify the candidates that are most likely to make a positive impact to your growing organization.

This is easier said than done – for instance, it requires […]