How SMBs Can Switch to a Better Applicant Tracking System

how to switch to a better applicant tracking systemIt’s time for your company to adopt a modern and better applicant tracking system. You’ve known it for a while and have heard the experts say it. Your old applicant tracking system just isn’t cutting it anymore and new technologies will help your company source better applicants, screen and interview more quickly and speed up the overall hiring process. In short: you know that your organization’s talent acquisition efforts can benefit a lot if you had a better recruiting system in place. […]

Smart Recruiting: Start-ups Have An Edge

smart recruiting for start-ups“Start as you mean to go on” isn’t just a famous quote; it’s also a great mantra for all start-up businesses. And there’s no better way to instill that sentiment than by implementing smart recruiting processes. After all, finding and retaining top talent is a critical need for any successful start-up.

Smart Recruiting Is What A Startup Needs

The good news is that start-ups often have the ability to implement modern recruiting practices faster than their established competitors, who all too often are resistant to changing a lengthy or […]

How to Manage Candidate Relationships and Keep Talent Interested

how to nurture candidate relationshipsEvery day, recruiters and human resources staff find themselves on the receiving end of thousands of resumes and job applications. The number of online applications has increased steadily thanks to major shifts in the way job seekers and companies interact. While the level of interest continues to go up, job seekers are often disappointed with the lack of engagement in the process. Many skilled candidates apply to jobs through company career sites or via referrals. However, the majority of applicants may never receive a response or hear […]

7 Ways Your HR Strategy Drives Your Company’s Success

hr strategy for recruiting successIs your HR strategy fully integrated into your overall business plan? Or is it a bit of an afterthought, something you think about whenever you are short-staffed and looking to hire? Human resources may be but one division in your business, but if affects the entire company and how it performs. The people of your company are what drive its success, so it is critical to have the HR strategies in place to ensure that your hires fit with your company’s objectives, culture, brand and values. Here […]

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10 Tips for An Effective Recruiting Software Comparison

recruiting software comparisonWhen you are looking to do a recruiting software comparison or review applicant tracking systems, you are clearly ready to make a major change to how your company manages its hiring process. While choosing and implementing a new software solution is a significant logistical challenge, understanding what to look for in a review is a critical first step.

Streamlining your hiring process brings many benefits to your organization including these:

  • Faster and better sourcing
  • Easier tracking of job applicants
  • Efficient use of resources in the hiring process
  • Web-based collaboration
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Better Hiring, better retention

Now that you’re ready to make a […]