Interview Questions: Does Your Hiring Team Know What To Ask?

Interview QuestionsInterviews are stressful, and not just for the candidates. Interviewers need to make important decisions that affect your business. Here’s how to ensure your team is properly prepared to assess job candidates.

  1. Choose the right interview questions for the job.
  2. Ask the right types of questions.
  3. Listen and take notes.
  4. Be consistent in each interview.
  5. Evaluate interviews while they are fresh.

Choose the right interview questions for the job

To choose the right interview questions, you need to know a job’s key requirements. Take the time to create a job description and profile that clearly identifies […]

The Advantages Of Good Interview Planning


Good Interview PlanningYou need to find a new employee. Before launching full speed ahead in recruitment, take the time for interview planning. A good hiring plan will help your growing business streamline the process to finding and hiring the employee that best suits your business.

What’s in a plan?

A good interview plan maps out each stage of the hiring process. First, identify the major milestones for before, during and after your interviews. You can then create a hiring workflow […]

Recruiting Best Practices For Long-Term Success

Recruiting Best PracticesWhile most growing companies and their management understand how important it is to find and retain the best talent, companies rarely spend enough time rooting out the core shortcomings of their hiring methods. They are slow to invest in recruiting best practices, and often fail to see good recruitment as a growth strategy that requires a long-term approach.

Recruiting isn’t the first thing most people think of when they decide where the budget should go. And that’s a shame, because recruiting best practices can lead to a long future of successful hiring […]

Best Practices To Boost Your Employee Referral Programs

Employee Referral ProgramsFor any growing company, referrals play a key role in almost all aspects of business operations – from selecting new vendors to getting introductions to new prospects. Talent acquisition is certainly another such area where referrals from employees have long been considered a valuable source of finding good quality talent.  Most companies and their executives understand this. Still, most employee referral programs fail to perform and are ineffective. Unfortunately, while companies want to leverage employee referral programs to improve their hiring process, they are consistently unable to implement these in […]

10 Rules For Choosing A Good Applicant Tracking System

Good Applicant Tracking System - 10 RulesAs part of their recruiting regiment, most organizations understand the need to create job descriptions, post them to various job boards and social media platforms with the intent to get in front of a large and relevant talent pool. However, all this effort to catch the attention of top talent can easily go to waste when the organization is not equipped to handle incoming applicant interest in an organized way with a good applicant tracking system.

This is especially true for companies that either don’t take advantage of […]