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Interview Advice – 3 Tips For Employers and Recruiters

Interview Advice - More Tips For EmployersIn today’s competitive business environment, it is just as important for the employers and recruiters to be on top of their game as it is for the job candidates.  To attract the best employees, a company must enact a powerful and well thought-through recruiting process.  The interview is a vital component in your smart hiring process to building a high-performing team of motivated employees. There are many articles offering interview advice for job seekers about how to flawlessly handle a job interview, but few focus on how the employers and recruiters should conduct the process from their end. The below tips and interview advice build further on some of the suggestions laid out in our recent post.

By incorporating these tips and interview advice into your recruitment process, you can enhance […]

Candidate Experience Is Often Overlooked In Recruiting

Candidate Experience needs more attention in recruitingTreating employees the right way does not have to start after they have joined your team.  Candidate experience is often overlooked during the hiring process, however, it is a critical recruitment consideration these days as more employers are recognizing its importance. It is essential that you treat candidates the same way that you would treat your current employees.  By doing this, you demonstrate to all applicants and future employees the type of work environment and company culture they can expect. The experience that your job applicants go through while interacting with your company is a significant determinant in what your applicants will eventually think of your company.

The candidate experience that you design is likely to have a direct impact on the success you see in attracting and hiring top talent.

The following are a few methods to implement during the […]

Great Talent – How To Find And Recognize Fast

Great Talent - How to Find, Recognize and Hire FastMost growing businesses will have stories to tell about hiring decisions that went wrong in one way or another.  Hiring mistakes can range from not targeting the right audience or lack of proper recruiting tools to bringing the wrong person on board for a critical position. One of the more common and often overlooked recruiting mistakes, however, is to let great talent slip away without truly realizing the cost of such a mistake. In fact, in many cases, employers and recruiters may not recognize this until it is too late.

Being aware of these risks is crucial to implementing an effective hiring plan and to ensure that you are identifying and attracting great talent for your team.

Know exactly what you are looking for

Start […]

Talent Management System And Recruitment Management

Talent Management System - or - Recruitment Management SystemOur recent article on the role of Recruiting in the context of talent management highlighted some of the key, and in some cases subtle, differences between a recruiting software platform and a traditional talent management system.  It provided helpful information for employers looking to purchase a new system to strengthen their recruitment regiment.  In this follow up to our previous post, we are stressing the need to assess your unique talent acquisition requirements. A clear understanding of your highest priority recruiting needs will help you pick a system that is most effective in attracting, engaging and hiring top talent.

As we pointed out in the previous article, a talent management system in its broadest form covers talent acquisition as well as post-recruitment talent management capabilities including performance management, goal management, career development […]

Talent Management And The Role Of Recruiting

Talent Management and Recruiting SoftwareWhen investing in HR technology, understanding and prioritizing your organization’s most important HR and talent management challenges is critical. In the absence of a clear understanding of the priorities, a company is likely to acquire a solution that is either too specific and inadequate for its organizational needs, or provides too many “features” – though in reality barely touches each at the surface level. In both cases, the result is that you end up with something that cannot get the job done.

Companies are now increasingly aware of the importance of talent acquisition in talent management. In fact, starting off with the right talent is the most important thing an organization can do in its […]