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Great Talent – How To Find And Recognize Fast

Great Talent - How to Find, Recognize and Hire FastMost growing businesses will have stories to tell about hiring decisions that went wrong in one way or another.  Hiring mistakes can range from not targeting the right audience or lack of proper recruiting tools to bringing the wrong person on board for a critical position. One of the more common and often overlooked recruiting mistakes, however, is to let great talent slip away without truly realizing the cost of such a mistake. In fact, in many cases, employers and recruiters may not recognize this until it is too late.

Being aware of these risks is crucial to implementing an effective hiring plan and to ensure that you are identifying and attracting great talent for your team.

Know exactly what you are looking for

Start […]

Talent Management System And Recruitment Management

Talent Management System - or - Recruitment Management SystemOur recent article on the role of Recruiting in the context of talent management highlighted some of the key, and in some cases subtle, differences between a recruiting software platform and a traditional talent management system.  It provided helpful information for employers looking to purchase a new system to strengthen their recruitment regiment.  In this follow up to our previous post, we are stressing the need to assess your unique talent acquisition requirements. A clear understanding of your highest priority recruiting needs will help you pick a system that is most effective in attracting, engaging and hiring top talent.

As we pointed out in the previous article, a talent management system in its broadest form covers talent acquisition as well as post-recruitment talent management capabilities including performance management, goal management, career development […]

Talent Management And The Role Of Recruiting

Talent Management and Recruiting SoftwareWhen investing in HR technology, understanding and prioritizing your organization’s most important HR and talent management challenges is critical. In the absence of a clear understanding of the priorities, a company is likely to acquire a solution that is either too specific and inadequate for its organizational needs, or provides too many “features” – though in reality barely touches each at the surface level. In both cases, the result is that you end up with something that cannot get the job done.

Companies are now increasingly aware of the importance of talent acquisition in talent management. In fact, starting off with the right talent is the most important thing an organization can do in its […]

Resume Management Software: Why limit your recruiting?

Resume Management Software - Why Limit Your Recruiting? - SimplicantThe hiring process in a fast growing company is no longer the simple task of managing and organizing a resume database.  An effective recruitment process requires building a comprehensive and engaging recruitment strategy to reach the best talent. While resume management is a good start to getting all your incoming resumes in one place, systems with limited recruitment management functionality simply cannot provide the capabilities to successfully run the hiring process in your company. Modern recruitment requires your technology infrastructure to go beyond resume management.

Your modern recruitment management system needs to provide the technology capabilities that will help your organization to take full advantage of the newest recruiting paradigms while leveraging social media, employee referrals, engagement methods, data analysis and automation.

In order to […]

Recruitment Management System: Opting for a New Platform

Simplicant: Recruitment Management System, Applicant Tracking SoftwareAs you review your company’s legacy enterprise systems, this could be a great time to consider revamping your recruitment technology and upgrade to a newer, more advanced recruitment management system.  With technology advancements leading the way, recruiting methods are being forced to adapt to the newer ways in which people and companies interact with each other.  Your recruitment management system is a key player in your interactions with people interested in applying to your open positions.

Your older recruitment management system could portray your company as an outdated entity not interested in newer ideas. Make sure that it does not become a major reason for top talent to avoid your company.

The following are some of the key reasons for a growing company to implement a more updated recruitment management system.

Promote Company-Wide Involvement

Old and outdated recruitment management systems may lack […]