Candidate Evaluation Scorecards for Better Hiring Decisions

candidate evaluation scorecardsKeeping track of all the details for each candidate could easily take up a lot of time. It is harder to manage when the information you need for decision making is scattered over various systems and you do not use any form of evaluation scorecards. Perhaps the biggest challenge lies in effectively screening and categorizing job hopefuls in order to determine which are the most promising potential employees.

Going through multiple interviews on a daily basis could make it difficult to separate similarly qualified individuals. Notes taken by interviewers can be helpful but an unstructured process […]

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7 Ways Organizational Culture Affects Hiring

organizational culture fitOrganizational culture is often described as the glue that holds a company and its employees together. It is the magic that provides the motivation to employees to find ways to overcome challenges and get things done. How does organizational culture affect the process of hiring in a company? Can paying attention to organizational culture affect the quality of your hiring process? How can a company use its culture to improve hiring outcomes?

During the hiring process, resumes and cover letters may pile up and a company may effectively screen through […]

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Applicant Tracking Comparison: Tips to guide your recruiting

applicant tracking comparisonToday’s recruiting landscape can appear difficult to navigate when you are looking for ways to boost your company’s hiring effectiveness. One job posting can attract hundreds to thousands of resumes, making efficiency a key concern for companies in the midst of an applicant tracking comparison. To automate the hiring process and increase the productivity of busy HR managers, many companies have made the switch to modern applicant tracking systems.

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong software can drive away highly-qualified candidates instead of attracting them. This article highlights 10 applicant tracking comparison tips to effectively find […]

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7 Benefits of Choosing a Great Applicant Tracking Platform

great applicant tracking platformFinding and hiring the best talent is an ongoing challenge for growing organizations. Stiff competition for top talent continues to be a reason for HR anxiety for large as well as small companies trying to fill their open positions.  Getting the right people on board within given constraints of time and money may sometimes seem like wishful thinking. One of the best kept secrets of organizations that have their recruiting act together, however, is the quality of their recruitment process. This recruitment process is often entirely dependent on the quality of the […]

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Ten Ways to Transform Your Employee Referral Management

employee referral managementDoes your company have an effective employee referral management system? According to this Employee Referral Infographic, recruitment from employee referrals has increased from 18 percent to 33 percent since 2000, and in top performing companies, nearly half of employees were hired through employee referrals.

Employee referrals are one of the most effective ways to find and hire new candidates who will work well in your company culture and have the skills that you require. It’s important to the success of any business that the employee referral system in place is […]

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