10 Qualities of a Good Recruiting System

10 qualities of a good recruiting systemA modern recruiting system is a must-have for businesses that want to leverage the latest talent sourcing strategies and online recruiting tools in one user-friendly platform. There are so many internet job boards and social networks to tap into to find active and passive job candidates. The question is: How do you incorporate these resources without multiplying the work of your hiring teams?

The answer: You need a good recruiting system.

What makes a good recruiting system? How do you choose which system to buy? […]

How to Hire When There Isn’t Enough Time

How To HireFinding the right new employee can be a challenge, especially when you are under a time crunch. You need to find someone with the right skills and expertise, someone who fits within your team, and someone who will stay long enough to outweigh the costs of a new hire. Moreover, your team must know how to hire quickly under pressure without making a big mistake.

How do you do all this without spending enormous amounts of time and resources? It all boils down to using the most effective tools […]

How Modern Applicant Tracking Software Works

what is modern applicant tracking software?In the January 2015 issue of HR Magazine, human resource expert Josh Bersin predicts that 2015 is the time for companies to move to modern, cloud-based human resources technology. Does your HR technology provide the features your company needs to compete?

Why Choose Modern Applicant Tracking Software?

Modern applicant tracking software improves your hiring experience through speedy screening, effective interviewing, efficient decision-making, data-driven actions and a faster return on investment.

1. Speedy Screening

The pace at which you screen your applicants is important for a number of reasons. If […]

Hire Better With a Faster Job Offer Process

job offer process - faster hiringHow organized is your team when it comes to hiring? Do you have the job offer process in place to efficiently hire the talent you are seeking? A modern applicant tracking system can make your job offer process smooth, engaging and effective.

It takes time to fill a vacant position with the right new employee. The US national average job vacancy varies greatly depending on the region, the industry and the size of the company. The average job vacancy duration for the largest US companies is […]

What Does the Cost of Hiring Really Mean ?

Cost of HiringDo you know your company’s total cost of hiring? Once you are aware of the breakdown of your company’s cost of hiring, you can evaluate how well your process is working, compare your costs to those of other companies, uncover where you are spending the most money and identify areas with room for improvement.

When your recruiting is organized with the help of modern applicant tracking software, you can quickly have critical data at your fingertips, providing you the decision-making information you need to create the most effective hiring process […]