Employee Referral Infographic

Employee Referral  Infographic - Simplicant

Employee Referral Infographic.

Request a demo and learn more about how to create an employee referral program with Simplicant’s recruiting software platform.

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A Hiring Checklist For Finding Top Talent- Guest Post on TLNT

hiring checklist for finding top talentWhen your business is rapidly growing, it is important to find the top talent your company needs. It is also important to hire this top talent as quickly as possible so your company can continue to grow and thrive. This is one reason why your company should be sure to have a hiring checklist to keep your recruiting efforts on track.

Perhaps new funding has made it possible for your company to finally branch out and hire the employees you need to stay competitive in the marketplace. Or maybe some of your top talent has flown the coop and you are stuck looking for an equally talented replacement. Whatever the reason, one bad hiring decision can cost your company much pain in the long run.


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Simplicant Solutions: How To Tap A Talent Community?

Here at Simplicant, we want to help you find the best candidates for your open positions. We also want the process to be a fun, collaborative and useful exercise for you. We often get a lot of questions from readers about how to combine the Simplicant social networking and recruiting platform with best hiring practices. This column addresses some of these questions about all things hiring!

We often receive questions about talent communities. Our readers want to know what a talent community is, how to find one, and how to best utilize these talent communities in the hiring process.


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Getting Past Job Gaps

It’s no surprise that hiring managers and recruiters spend very little time doing a first pass on the deluge of candidate applications they receive. In fact, they typically spend no more than six seconds scanning a candidate’s resume. With that in mind, a candidate must pay attention to those areas in a resume or profile that the employers and recruiters are most interested in. […]

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4 Additional Hiring Mistakes Startups Make

Additional Hiring Mistakes Startups MakeA recent New York Times article outlined the top 10 rookie mistakes entrepreneurs are likely to make, such as believing that they have advertising sussed out and saving money on professional advice.

Let’s take a look at some of the hiring mistakes startups usually make when it comes to building a team. How can these be avoided?

Check out our list of additional hiring mistakes startups make (and how to fix them): […]

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