Interview Questions: Does Your Hiring Team Know What To Ask?

Interview QuestionsInterviews are stressful, and not just for the candidates. Interviewers need to make important decisions that affect your business. Here’s how to ensure your team is properly prepared to assess job candidates.

  1. Choose the right interview questions for the job.
  2. Ask the right types of questions.
  3. Listen and take notes.
  4. Be consistent in each interview.
  5. Evaluate interviews while they are fresh.

Choose the right interview questions for the job

To choose the right interview questions, you need to know a job’s key requirements. Take the time to create a job description and profile that clearly identifies […]

Best Practices To Boost Your Employee Referral Programs


Employee Referral ProgramsFor any growing company, referrals play a key role in almost all aspects of business operations – from selecting new vendors to getting introductions to new prospects. Talent acquisition is certainly another such area where referrals from employees have long been considered a valuable source of finding good quality talent.  Most companies and their executives understand this. Still, most employee referral programs fail to perform and are ineffective. Unfortunately, while companies want to leverage employee referral programs to improve their hiring process, they are consistently unable to implement these in […]

Good Hiring Practices – The Secret To Employee Retention

Employee Retention - Good Hiring Practices - SimplicantAs more companies focus on employee retention and engagement, it is important to note that a new employee’s complete experience with a company starts at the very beginning, that is, the recruitment stage.

Without a doubt and as current trends in the talent space clearly indicate, the unprecedented need for growth after recession is now turning into a challenge for talent acquisition teams. In most cases, this means that meeting hiring goals and deadlines while identifying and attracting the best talent are now the most dominant human […]

Global HR Trends Worth Revisiting

Key HR trends that define the recruiting landscapeThe second quarter of the year went by quickly – much like the NBA Finals! As we look ahead at the rest of the year with much speculation about what’s next, let’s take a look at some recent and notable HR Trends in the year so far. With more companies competing for top talent, it’s helpful to understand some of the key HR trends that are relevant to a company’s hiring efforts today. Recession may no longer be in the driver’s seat but is replaced by […]

Making the most of your free applicant tracking system trial

Free Applicant Tracking System TrialSo you have finally determined that your hiring process needs to be managed better and you are looking for a free applicant tracking system trial. Without recruiting software, your entire enterprise recruiting assets and activities are hard to keep track of.  Resumes, referrals, interview schedules and many other important bits of information are otherwise scattered across various people, emails and folders. In most cases, this recruitment information and data, including resumes may have ended up in a black hole where they will likely never be seen again. No doubt, you are looking to get organized.

As […]