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Applicant Tracking Software and Modern Recruitment Demands

applicant tracking software, modern recruitingApplicant tracking software and recruitment technology, in general, have come a long way – especially over the last few years. The way businesses and individuals interact has undergone a sea change with social media and digital technologies driving the revolution. Traditional recruiting strategies are becoming outdated and ineffective.  Attempts to interact with potential candidates using older traditional methods could turn away the top talent that your company really wants to attract.  In order to keep up with the trends and continue to attract the best employees, you must ramp up your recruiting software capabilities and take a close look at your applicant tracking system.

In the case of applicant tracking software, employers are not looking to build just a resume […]

Employee Motivation Begins With The Hiring Process

Employee Motivation, Motivate EmployeesMotivated employees strive for more, take chances, and are a valuable asset to every company.  Building a team that demonstrates the qualities of a successful organization begins with the hiring process.  Knowing what qualities to look for and which questions to ask can help in making the screening and interviewing processes more effective. In addition, involving your current employees in the hiring process can further increase employee motivation, while providing an excellent means of evaluating a candidate’s suitability for the job.

The following are some powerful tips to improve your recruiting process and turn it into a strategic activity to increase employee motivation. Your recruiting software and applicant tracking system platform can be leveraged to create and implement processes that improve […]

More Recruiting Metrics To Improve Your Hiring Process

Recruiting Metrics, Recruitment Analytics, ReportsA successful company is made up of top-performers that collaborate regularly and work effectively as a team. Regardless of what recruiting metrics a company uses, hiring managers understand that acquiring such individuals, who have the necessary traits and qualities to integrate and function in their team, is vital to the success of their company.

In order to successfully find and acquire the top talent you need, your organization needs to put a hiring process in place that helps you easily grasp some of the key recruiting metrics that you should care about.  To ensure that you are getting the most out of your recruiting and hiring methods, pay attention to these recruiting metrics and make adjustments to improve your process where needed.

While […]

User Management For Enterprise Recruiting

Simplicant: User Management, Access Control, Access ManagementAs a company grows its operations, the recruiting process evolves from an isolated small-scale activity to one that requires many stakeholders to participate. User management capability of a recruitment software platform allows for different levels of access for the various team members who will be involved in the hiring process.

Management of user permissions represents an access control function for managing access for certain people during different stages of hiring. Though often overlooked in recruitment software and applicant tracking selection, user management is an extremely important part of the recruiting process. It helps employers and human resource personnel to easily, efficiently and seamlessly involve several people in the hiring process. Employee hiring is after all, a team effort, often requiring the input of several employees.

The following […]

3 Tips To Power Your Recruiting Strategies

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A targeted and effective recruiting strategy is crucial to hiring quality employees.  Recruiting strategies can benefit a lot by streamlining the company operations with a recruiting software platform. Growth hacking techniques are designed to expand the user base of a specific product or service that the company sells.  These techniques when applied to recruiting strategies result in a powerful combination of creativity and innovation aimed at increasing brand awareness and exposure.

Adopt and integrate these key growth hacking strategies as a component of your overall HR and recruiting strategies to enhance the effectiveness of locating and hiring high quality employees.

Attract and Acquire Talent Virally and Digitally

Traditional recruiting strategies are becoming outdated and ineffective.  Attempts to interact with potential candidates using older […]