How to Simplify Working With External Recruitment Agency Partners

external recruitment agency partnersAs a growing business, you may have already worked with certain recruiting agency partners in bringing new talent on board. When you partner with agencies to help onboard new employees, you are looking to leverage their expertise, screening skills as well as networks to sample a wider pool of both active and passive applicants. In addition, you may have relationships with certain recruiting agencies or external recruiters where you prefer to have them work with you as full-time or part-time consultants, instead of hiring them as permanent staff in your HR […]

Candidate Rejection Emails: How To Get Them Right

job rejection emailsTaking the time to compose and send rejection emails to job candidates is a sound business practice for hiring managers. A timely, personalized letter allows you to extend professional courtesy while building goodwill and vetting candidates for future positions. Establishing this as an integral part of the hiring process can actually make future hiring easier and more efficient by keeping qualified candidates in the loop while discouraging re-application from unqualified job seekers.

A Matter of Respect

Although no one likes rejection, the uncertainty of not knowing if you got the job […]

Managing Recruitment At Your Fast Growing Company

fast growing company - recruitment managementFast growing companies are known to invest large amounts of capital and resources into marketing, production and business administration. But most skimp on one of the most important elements of a successful company: Managing recruitment.

Managing the process of hiring qualified talent can prove challenging during periods of unprecedented growth. So, what are the best practices—the key needs and requirements to recruit successfully in a fast growing company?

Each company has its own unique recruiting challenges and requirements – regardless of whether it is a fast growing company or not. […]

What Recruiting Culture Means For Your Company

how to build a recruiting culture Does your company culture foster a an environment that is aligned with your talent acquisition goals? Do you fully understand how nurturing a recruiting culture can have an impact on the quality of your recruiting? Take a look at what contributes to the notion of a great ‘recruiting culture’ and how it may impact your overall business success. As you’ll see, building a strong recruiting culture goes a long way in improving the quality of your hiring outcomes.

Finding Your Own Recruiting Culture

Savvy business owners understand that it’s the talented professionals […]

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Build A Great Career Site – Elevate Your Employer Brand

great career sites - thumbs upAre you one of those companies that say that it’s your people that make your business? Are you determined to beat your competitors when it comes to attracting top talent? Then you need to make sure you have a great career site that demonstrates that your business is indeed the best place to be.

In today’s recruitment world, the landscape has changed dramatically from a few years ago. Your business, like any other with a website, has the option and ability to use the internet to target and attract the best candidates for […]