Applicant Tracking System

Make your hiring more effective with a next-gen applicant tracking system and recruiting software platform. Supercharge your hiring with powerful and intuitive features.

Attracting and acquiring the right talent today involves a lot more than simple storage of applicant resumes, as is the case with most previous generation applicant tracking systems and recruitment technology. Hiring has become one of the most critical and strenuous organizational endeavors. Talent acquisition now involves tracking and management of different types of candidate related information. It requires collaborative capabilities for all company employees to work together so they can contribute in one way or another in the various aspects of the recruiting process.

A team-based approach allows a company, small or large, to leverage the network, skills and experience of every individual in the hiring process. Moreover, this is a critical organizational strength that companies need to build in order to compete for top talent. However, it could easily turn into a logistical nightmare if the entire team is working in silos and does not have the recruitment technology and applicant tracking system that provide the software platform for agile recruiting in a fast-moving, talent-hungry, socially networked, time-sensitive and collaborative environment.

Going beyond traditional Applicant Tracking System capabilities

Employers are not just looking to build a resume repository anymore. Instead, they have a critical need for a platform that helps them find and attract top talent from a variety of modern-day relevant sources. In addition, employers as well as recruiters need reliable technology capabilities that can help them quickly process the deluge of resumes and applications received. They need a fast processing and functional recruitment funnel that can help surface select top candidates from large pools of applicant profiles.

Built to leverage next-gen platforms, Simplicant’s powerful software platform and applicant tracking system streamline the entire recruitment process from job creation and publishing to candidate interviewing and hiring. Hiring becomes a strategic company activity with Simpicant’s recruiting software. It engages all employees to benefit from team-based collaboration, workflow, organized content and analytics. Scoring and ranking of applicants helps quickly sort through a large pool of prospects to identify the top candidates that the company can then focus on. All hiring related information is readily available at any time and from anywhere to your entire team, through Simplicant’s cloud-based recruitment platform and applicant tracking system.