Careers Site Branding

Think and Recruit outside the box by creating an engaging candidate experience.

Employer branding is more than just how good a company’s website or careers site looks. It reflects the culture, the responsiveness of the hiring managers/recruiters, attention to the needs of employees and candidates, and a tone that is welcoming to the candidates.

These newer traits combined with social media recruiting allow for a more personalized and engaging experience and give candidates a better taste of the company’s culture and the qualitative characteristics of the work environment. Older systems, on the other hand, simply force the job seekers through a poorly designed application process to submit an online application, making the application process unnecessarily cumbersome for the applicants. These characteristics have a direct effect on how top talent feels about the company and the open jobs for which they may want to apply.

At Simplicant, we are committed to making your careers site the best representation of your hiring campaign to effectively attract those candidates that are a good match for your company and open positions.

Simplicant provides a consistent and intuitive interface to the applicants encouraging them to spend more time on your careers site while connecting with your organization in different ways through the social engagement functionality and available content. Simplicant’s fully-hosted careers pages are designed to seamlessly blend into your corporate site and provide an elegant interface into your open jobs. Regardless of whether the candidates are on Facebook, LinkedIn, job-portals or your careers site, they will have access to the same great user experience when exploring career options at your company.


Video based recruiting is quickly becoming a great way to show off your company brand and provide candidates with a candid view into the company culture.

Why use online video to recruit? Because according to a recent study, almost half of those who view online videos will seek out participating brands.

Video is a great way to exhibit your corporate culture and provide a window into your company operations.

Simplicant Careers Site makes it easy for employers to show a company video on the the careers home page and a specific video for each open position.

Inside Connections:

With Simplicant’s inside connections functionality, visitors and candidates to the company careers site can easily see who they know at the company. Powered by LinkedIn, this feature helps candidates see their first and second level contacts that connect them directly to employees at the company.

Featured Jobs:

When a job is created on the Simplicant platform, it is easy to mark it as a “featured” job and highlight it on the careers site. This is particularly useful in bringing attention to some of the most recent or critical open positions that the company is trying to fill and would like to highlight on it’s careers site.

General Application:

Not all visitors to a company’s career site may find an open position that is a good match for what they might be interested in. However, they may still have an interest in your company and you certainly want to capture such interest from all good candidates and make them a part of your talent community. A general application allows people to submit an application and contact information indicating interest in working for your company even when they are not applying for any particular position.