Employee Referral

Empower your Employees. Supercharge your Employee Referrals

To find great employees for your company, you might not even have to leave the workplace. One of the largest sources of external hires is employee referrals.

There is real hiring potential within your current employee base – unlocking this employee referral power with an integrated recruitment software platform can help you greatly in finding talent from multiple sources. Many companies, with or without an applicant tracking system, are unable to fully appreciate and benefit from employee referral programs. As a result, they let this potential opportunity slip through the cracks.

As competition for talent continues to get intense, so does the need for better employee referral strategies and the pivotal role played by next-gen social recruitment software technology. While LinkedIn can allow you to tap into your connections on that particular network, social recruiting platforms are a great way to solicit these essential referrals across your entire network.

Create sustainable Employee Referral programs with incentives that work

Simplicant empowers companies to easily utilize employee referral functionality to find top talent. The platform allows employees to share openings with talented candidates they know. Your current employees and stakeholders know the company, its culture, and the challenges facing your industry. They also know the candidates they are suggesting and how these new hires would fit into the company. Best of all, Simplicant tracks all referral information, allowing employees to be rewarded for their contributions and companies to track these cost-effective suggestions.

With Simplicant, your entire team is able to actively participate in the team-building process.

Employees and co-workers can refer jobs to the right people in their networks who can share further with people they know. As a result, you are quickly able to reach your target candidates in a very cost-effective and efficient manner.

With Simplicant, you can also keep in touch with your referrers throughout the entire hiring process with the help of your recruitment software and applicant tracking system. If the candidate they referred has progressed in the recruiting funnel and has an interview scheduled, you can keep the referring employee informed through the system. This enables the referring employees to quickly see the impact of their contribution company’s hiring process, while tracking the performance of their referrals.

For a more detailed overview of how employee referrals actually make a difference, see the numbers highlighted in our employee referral infographic.