Hiring Collaboration

Turn your recruitment into a strategic team activity with contributions from the entire team.

Hiring is a team sport and it’s critical to get all the relevant team members involved for a more efficient and cost-effective hiring process that will give your organization a compelling ROI.

Hiring collaboration enables your organization to involve multiple team members, and often multiple departments, to weigh in on important hiring decisions.

Top performing organizations are realizing that using a cloud-based platform with social recruiting, solid hiring collaboration and applicant tracking is the right approach to encouraging and effectively implementing team-based recruiting. The right SaaS solution consolidates all sourcing efforts into one unified system that allows involved stakeholders to work with each other guided by workflows that can be customized to the organizations needs. When everyone has the ability to work on the same cloud-based system, they can easily access content and complete their tasks from wherever they are – using a mobile device, notebook or desktop.

Smarter Hiring

Simplicant’s social recruiting platform allows for a greater degree of collaboration and sharing, resulting in more intelligent hiring assessments. Team members can be added to the hiring process to schedule interviews, message candidates, and even rate them. These notes can all be shared thanks to the cloud-based platform, making it intuitive and simple to access this information at any time. If your company has a large hiring operation, different team members or even external recruiters can be assigned certain open positions to work on. The system can then notify these individuals when new applications come in so they can constantly stay up-to-date on the new incoming applications.

With Simplicant, your entire team can collaborate and with each other to plan, create and complete important recruiting related tasks. Simplicant provides you with the ability to define and customize the tasks in your hiring workflow and provide your team with an easy and intuitive way to follow guidelines.