Recruitment Marketing

Increase the visibility of your jobs. Extend your reach to thousands of candidates.

The job market might be flooded with candidates, but according to a recent survey many executives worry that the skills gap will make it increasingly difficult to find and recruit the right people for their growing teams. Traditional marketing campaigns can provide an effective framework for attracting the best talent for your open positions.

While posting your jobs is great, waiting for the right person to apply is unlikely to garner the results you need. Instead, creating a good recruitment marketing campaign can be just the key you need to unlock the flow of great candidates.

Distribute and control

More employers are realizing that they want control over their recruitment process and workflow. This includes understanding recruitment marketing and the benefits of publishing open jobs to various third-party platforms ranging from social media to job boards. It also includes getting a good sense for what to expect from all the different job-boards and having the ability to fine-tune the process by easily adjusting the variables on a next-gen recruitment platform. While most job-boards are designed to bring lots of traffic to a company’s open jobs, some are more relevant and useful today than the traditional job-boards that attract all kinds of unmatched applications to the open jobs, hence adding more work for the recruiting team.

Get the word out

With Simplicant, getting your jobs published to various job boards and other relevant web platforms is a matter of a few clicks. With Simplicant’s recruitment marketing and job-board outreach, a company’s open positions are syndicated to the most relevant job-boards, as selected by the employer or recruiter. The quality and quantity of the results can then be further fine-tuned by changing job-boards, keywords, job description and in some cases by adjusting the job questionnaire. Sharing jobs on multiple web locations and job boards is a very effective and inexpensive way of getting your jobs in front of a large audience and for bringing traffic back to your careers site.

Build your Employer Brand

A well designed and branded careers site is another great way to promote your key messages to interested applicants. Familiarize yourself with search engine optimization (SEO) so your job postings appear prominently in search engines like Google. Focusing on your messaging and selecting the most relevant keywords for your job descriptions can help them show up in results when your target candidates are searching.

Attract and Engage

Your messaging should also be consistent across all channels, whether a recruitment video housed on your career page or a job description posted to your Facebook. Make sure your message comes across loud and clear to attract the kind of candidates who will be a great fit for your organization. Simplicant provides the outreach capability to market your jobs to targeted sources resulting in more traffic to your jobs pages.