Social Recruiting

Attract and engage top talent on social networks and platforms where they are most likely to be.

With a wealth of talent consistently flooding into the candidate pool, employers need a social media recruitment system that can help them effectively source and communicate with the right candidates. They also need the ability to efficiently take applicants through a screening and interviewing workflow. Simplicant’s next-gen social recruitment platform embraces the newest capabilities and brings a new kind of social relevance to the process of hiring as well as job seeking.

With social recruiting, hiring managers and recruiters now have the opportunity to embrace new social paradigms while extending their recruitment reach and broadening their hiring capabilities beyond that of a traditional applicant tracking system.

Comprehensive Recruiting Platform

Today’s recruitment needs are most effectively addressed by those next-gen social recruiting platforms that combine the latest technology trends, social media engagement, and cloud-based collaborative capabilities with candidate management and applicant tracking functionality that is built from the ground up to work with the latest talent acquisition practices.

Social media and recruitment are a match made in talent acquisition heaven. The fact is that top talent spends most of their time on social media platforms while on the other hand studies confirm that reliance on social networking sites is rapidly growing when it comes to talent sourcing and hiring.

Extended Social Reach

Simplicant’s social recruiting software is the way to attract, manage and recruit the right talent in the socially connected world. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are where talented people hang-out and discover new opportunities through their colleagues, friends, friends of friends and so on.

With Simplicant, you can easily share your jobs with people in your social networks on Facebook and LinkedIn. An easy-to-use interface for job sharing allows you to selectively target or broadcast to contacts in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With everyone able to easily share open jobs, getting distribution to a large and highly targeted talent pool has never been so simple.

Tracking and Measuring

Simplicant tracks all applicant referrals from social media sources so you are able to measure the impact of all your social recruiting activities easily through insights provided by Simplicant’s detailed analytics. The ability to measure allows you to focus and further improve your social recruiting activities and easily identify the sources of referrals that lead to talent acquisition.