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10 Qualities Of A Good Recruiting System

A modern recruiting system is a must-have for businesses that want to leverage the latest talent sourcing strategies and online recruiting tools in one user-friendly platform. There are so many internet job boards and social networks to tap into to find active and passive job candidates. The question is: How do you incorporate these resources without multiplying the work of your hiring teams?

The answer: You need a good recruiting system.

What makes a good recruiting system? How do you choose which system to buy? To help you explore the options out there, we’ve compiled a checklist of the 10 qualities you should look for when choosing a good recruiting system.

1. Fits Your Business’ Needs

Recruiting systems aren’t one-size fits all. A good recruiting system is one that fits the specific needs of your organization. A small- or medium-sized business does not have all of the same recruiting needs of a large global enterprise or a recruiting agency. Map out your business’ human resources requirements so that you can choose the recruiting system to match. Even better, some recruiting systems can be tailored to fit your business’ specific needs.

2. Facilitates Collaboration and Communication

The hiring process is best accomplished by a hiring team. As such, a good recruiting system is one that makes it easier for your team to work together, even if someone is connecting remotely via smartphone. Choose the system that offers the most effective ways for your team to prepare for interviews, share their candidate evaluations and work together to reach a decision. Also look for a system that makes it easier for you to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process.

3. Enhances the Candidate Experience

More important than all the bells and whistles is how the system works. Is it logical and easy to use for your candidates? What about for your hiring teams? Does it streamline the application process, cutting down on administrative tasks and repetitive information? A good recruiting system is one that creates a positive user experience for everyone that uses it. The user experience an applicant has on your career website is important. Not only does it impact whether a candidate applies or gives up partway through the process —it also reflects on your organization’s brand.

4. Integrates Social Media Recruiting

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great tools for sourcing talent, particularly those who aren’t actively looking for a new job. A good recruiting system is one that seamlessly integrates with social media and allows you to leverage the recruiting power of social networks within a single platform.

5. Supports an Employee Referral Program

The employee referral is one of the most effective talent-sourcing strategies. Employee referral candidates tend to be more qualified for the job, more likely to accept a job offer and they have better retention rates. This translates to the need to interview fewer candidates before finding the right hire. A good recruiting system is therefore one that will support an internal employee referral program. Be sure to review the ease with which your employees can make their referrals through the system as this will impact the success of your program. It is also a great way to engage and retain current employees!

6. Performs Powerful Searches

Online job boards and social media can lead to huge applicant pools. A good recruiting system is needed to quickly and accurately parse resumés by keywords to sift out the top candidates. When choosing your modern applicant recruiting system, consider the power and speed of the system’s search engine, the ease of its use, and how it displays the search results. Look for the system that displays results logically in a way that your team can quickly understand and apply.

7. Compatible with Your Website and Other HR Tools

Also key to choosing a good recruiting system is how it fits with your career website and any other HR tools you may use. Is the system compatible with your existing tools? Will it be easy to integrate your new recruiting system without technical glitches?

8. Automates Your Recruiting Tasks and Workflow

A good recruiting system is one that keeps your team on track by streamlining and automating administrative tasks and setting out a logical workflow. Look for a system that integrates with your email system and that provides alerts to your team when they are coming up to a deadline or when a candidate has spent too long at any stage in the hiring funnel.

9. Migrates Data Easily

Unless you are starting a new company from scratch, you probably have human resources data stored in another system or in various files and folders. A good recruiting system will make it easy to migrate all of this data to your new system, keeping all of your information on one platform.

10. Supports Data-Driven Decisions

Last, but not least, when choosing your modern applicant recruiting system, look for one that is capable of providing useful data, reports and recommendations. For example, with a good recruiting system you will have at your fingertips stats on how many of your successful job candidates came from one job board versus another, or if your most successful source of talent is employee referrals, social media, job boards or your own website.

Simplicant is a cloud-based modern recruiting system. Contact us to find out how it might fit your company.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash