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How SMBs Can Switch to a Better Applicant Tracking System

It’s time for your company to adopt a modern and better applicant tracking system. You’ve known it for a while and have heard the experts say it. Your old applicant tracking system just isn’t cutting it anymore and new technologies will help your company source better applicants, screen and interview more quickly and speed up the overall hiring process. In short: you know that your organization’s talent acquisition efforts can benefit a lot if you had a better recruiting system in place. Are you ready to make the leap but not quite sure how to assure a smooth transition? The process of switching to a better applicant tracking software may sound like a daunting task but with the right system, it could be an easy and smooth process.

Switch Applicant Tracking Systems with Ease

Modern applicant tracking systems are built to easily replace older and unwieldy applicant tracking systems without disrupting the functioning of your company and your HR division. Here’s why it is easier than you may think to switch to a better applicant tracking system.

1.    Quick Setup

A good modern applicant tracking system includes a quick setup process. This makes it a cinch to switch applicant tracking systems without disrupting your business. The intuitive and user-friendly software is built to be easily set up and is ready to use immediately. Since the solution is offered over the cloud and can be accessed from a browser on any device, no hardware or software installation is required.

2.    Easy to Import Data

Another important consideration in your search for a better applicant tracking system is the conversion of data from your old system to your new one. A good applicant tracking system includes strong data import and mapping capabilities, allowing you to easily bring all your data into the new system. You are able to transfer your existing pools of candidates, job profiles and any other information into the new system. With your data quickly transferred to the modern applicant tracking system, there is little down time as you transition from one system to the other.

3.    Maps Your Business Process

When you switch to a better applicant tracking system, you have the opportunity to rethink and remap your business process to make it more efficient. A better applicant tracking system will help you to map each step in your HR process so that you can adjust the system to fit your business. Once the workflow is in place, your new tracking system should be capable of creating a sequence of steps that prepresents your hiring process. With a clear, visual map of your human resource procedures, staff within and without your HR department will have a clear understanding of each step in the process of hiring new staff.

4.    Cloud Platform

Choose a modern applicant tracking system with a cloud platform and your system will be available to staff from anywhere in the world and on any device they have on hand, be it smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The versatility and broad access of a cloud platform will have your staff excited to switch to a better applicant tracking system. You will have less delays in your hiring process with staff able to perform their tasks over the web, from wherever they are. In addition, a cloud platform makes it easy to keep your technology up to date, with greater ease in adopting new capabilities since all updates and new features are available to you as soon as they are released.

5.    User-Friendly and Easy to Adopt

A key characteristic of a next-gen and better applicant tracking system is its focus on user-friendliness and usability in general. Functionality is just as important as features and the overall priority is to provide a platform to streamline and simplify your hiring processes. Human resources trends and practices are always evolving and social networks in particular have an increasing impact on recruitment. Modern applicant tracking systems are built to incorporate connectivity with social networks, for sourcing and job distribution. Modern systems leverage the power of social networks and eliminate a lot of work for applicants and staff by auto-completing online information whenever possible. The ease of use lends itself to a faster adoption throughout your enterprise. With simpler and more efficient processes, change management is easier as your employees will be eager to switch to a modern and better applicant tracking system.

Are You Ready for a Better Applicant Tracking System?

The quick setup, ease of data transfer, clarity of business processes, benefits of cloud computing and overall ease of use make the modern recruiting platform a better applicant tracking system and a sound business decision. Learn more about how switching to a modern applicant tracking system can help your business. Contact us for a free demo of Simplicant.

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