Leading Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Management Platform

Simplicant is the leading talent acquisition and recruitment management platform built from the ground up to harness the power of the newest and most effective paradigms in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employee referrals and applicant tracking combined in one complete and integrated social recruitment management system.

About Simplicant

Simplicant is a next generation, cloud-based talent acquisition and recruitment management platform to target and effectively engage talent. Our elegantly designed web-based functionality helps companies optimize the speed and cost per hire. With its fully integrated, enterprise-grade functionality, Simplicant provides a complete end-to-end solution to cover all aspects of the hiring process including sourcing, referrals, interviewing, applicant tracking, analytics and more.

An all-in-one fully integrated approach

Attracting the right people to your company requires an approach that can work seamlessly with the most current and modern ways of engagement. Competing for talent these days requires a lot more than just hiring a contract recruiter or posting a job on some job board. The fact is that social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are among the top hubs where talented people hang-out and discover new opportunities through their colleagues, friends, friends of friends and so on.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment: A Strategic Activity

Organizations must take a long-term approach to building their talent acquisition strategy and look at hiring as an ongoing strategic initiative and not just an adhoc task that needs to be completed in a given period of time. Acquiring talent these days requires ongoing effort in building an employer brand, employee referral programs, a branded and engaging career site and a collaborative platform that makes it easy for stakeholders to work together.

Powered by continuous innovation

At Simplicant, we have made it our business to help our customers fearlessly take on the challenges of talent acquisition! We build innovative products and applications that help companies attract, manage and recruit the right candidates in the socially connected world. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is elegantly designed to provide an enterprise-grade, rich and meaningful, yet simple experience to the employer as well as the candidate. Your company can benefit right away from social recruiting, employee referrals, applicant tracking, interview management, reporting and marketing of open positions to various job boards and social networks.

You are in good company. Let’s go for a spin.

Some of the fastest growing organizations are adopting Simplicant’s recruiting platform for their hiring needs. Our innovative team is building some cool technology and extending the capabilities of our platform on a regular basis, so our customers can stay ahead of the game and have the best recruiting capabilities available to them. Check us out and see how you can supercharge your hiring with Simplicant. It’s free to try and you can be up and running in no time!