Plans & Pricing

Simplicant is built with flexibility in mind with a view that the platform should be adaptable to your process and structure. Same goes for our pricing methodology.

Does Simplicant support SMB and Enterprise Recruiting?

Simplicant is a fully-customizable talent acquisition platform that helps companies of different scales and sizes grow and streamline their recruitment processes. Simplicant can power the SMB and Enterprise Recruiting efforts for small, medium as well as large enterprises.

How is Simplicant priced?

Pricing is adjusted on a per case basis. When calculating cost, Simplicant considers company size, recruitment scale and the functionality required or requested from the platform. Contact us, and we will be happy to answer specific pricing questions.

Is support available in our subscription?

Yes! We have an awesome, diligent support team just an email away. Plus, we have a Help Center that provides tons of useful product information and how-to articles.

Do we get training for Simplicant platform?

You bet! We offer a thorough training procedure at the time of onboarding. Additional training sessions can be purchased.


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