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Simplicant is the leading social recruiting platform and applicant tracking system built from the ground up to harness the power of the newest and most effective paradigms in talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, employee referrals and applicant tracking combined in one complete and integrated social recruitment management system.


We aim to provide the best and most secure cloud-based service on the market. Our platform has a multitenant architecture with robust mechanisms in place to secure data. Below are some of Simplicant’s key features:

Application and Data Storage

Simplicant’s computing infrastructure and data storage is powered by Amazon Web Services, a class leading cloud services platform. AWS guarantees a range of holistic security measures, including but not limited to, network firewalls, data encryption, DDoS mitigation protocols and Identity and Access Management. All data is encrypted by default and protected from several types of failures. Please check Amazon Security Policy page for more information.

Data Security and Privacy

All the communication between end-users and system servers is encrypted. System access is controlled via role-based user privileges, which allows end users to access information only for assigned jobs & candidates. Simplicant has stringent processes in place to handle access to customer data. Only authorized employees have access to customer data and only on an as- needed basis to provide the highest quality product support and maintenance.

Information Security Protocol

Simplicant provides a secure platform to store & exchange information using the highest industry standard practice. All Simplicant pages are secured via HTTPS. The information exchanged between the browser and Simplicant is encrypted using 256-bit SSL.

Data Redundancy

Simplicant infrastructure has multiple levels of data redundancy and has robust measures in place for backup and recovery. This includes database replication, complete and daily database backups, as well as complete server replication in case of outage. We guarantee average 99% uptime of service. For more information, please see the Simplicant SLA.

Questions? Please contact us at support@simplicant.com


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