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To continue hiring great talent, recruiting needs to become second nature to your hiring team.

To continue hiring great talent, recruiting needs to become second nature to your hiring team and a point of pride for your company, both culturally and as a whole. When you attract top recruits and have intense interviewing and onboarding processes, everyone will want to partake!

Interviewer Status

It’s important to promote interviewing and the interviewing process as necessary and vital to your company’s growth. This will motivate everyone involved and ultimately lead to betterment of the process, such as through speedy submission of feedback forms and filled scorecards, which normally take days.

Hiring Team – involve all team

Recruiting has to be a company-wide operation--no ifs, ands or buts! Whether everyone helps promote jobs openings on social media or offers to interview candidates early on, the hiring process has to be inclusive so recruitment keeps moving forward.

Get leadership involved

Getting your company’s top dogs (e.g. senior officials, directors, executives) involved in the hiring process sends a positive signal to your interview candidates. Further, senior employees have deep connections and can not only help headhunt top talent, but also prove helpful when charting the overall recruitment strategy.

Streamline your workflow

All of these strategies and programs are useless if you don’t have a streamlined hiring workflow in place, along with necessary recruitment technology to support it. Hiring future team members is a big task. As long as productive time is spent on sourcing and interviewing candidates, success will follow


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